Road transport services

The company possesses 26 specialized ground-based vehicles for the transportation of the hazardous waste.
All transport units are equipped with GPS navigation devices; therefore, we ensure a timely collection of any hazardous waste in the whole territory of Latvia.
The Transport Department manages the company's fleet, which consists of various specialized units for the collection and transport of hazardous waste.
Structure of the specialized road transport:

  • Tankers, 4 units: for the carriage of contaminated water, waste oils and other oil waste with tanks of various capacities:  40 m cub, 36 m cub, 7 m.cub, 3 m.cub;
  • Vacuum equipment, 3 units: for the recovery and transport of oil waste and other liquids;
  • Trucks, 4 units with lifting gear: for the transportation of dry, bulk (in packs) and waste containers;
  • Truck, 1 unit: 86 m cub-van type, for the transportation of bulky waste, used tires and other dry waste;
  • Dump truck, 1 unit: for the transportation of soil contaminated with oil products.