Collection and treatment of car service waste

We collect, transport and recycle:

  • Organic solvents, varnishes, paints and other hydrocarbon waste;
  • Waste from woodworking and paper, cardboard, pulp, sheet and furniture manufacturing;
  • Wood preservative waste;
  • Textile waste;
  • Waste of petroleum product, natural gas treatment and pyrolytic treatment of coal;
  • Waste from inorganic chemistry technological processes;
  • Waste from the production, preparation, supply and use of coating agents (paints, varnishes and vitreous enamels), glues, ointments, paints and printing inks;
  • Waste from the chemical treatment and coating process of metal surfaces and other materials; non-ferrous hydro-metallurgical waste;
  • Ammonia and industrial tar waste;
  • Waste from waste management companies, wastewater treatment plants and water supplying companies.